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Rasnal Telecom is an unparalleled leader in the Sales & Services of hi-quality closed circuit (CCTV) cameras; MATRIX makes Time-Attendance System with access control, Matrix Epabx systems and related equipment, Lightning protection Solutions, Earthing solutions, Fuel Cell products and services. With a strong alliance with other leaders in the domain offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Rasnal is soon becoming the most sought after Telecom, Security, Lightning protection and fuel cell solution and service vendor in the industry.

The Company has set-up a well-defined quality & Service system to ensure reliable product & Service quality. It has set an ambitious target of achieving quality standards of international class, and is focused on building quality in the process”. To achieve this the company is working on various aspects like Statistical Process Techniques, process capability studies, quality circles, emphasis on imparting training etc.

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    We Provide 24 Hours 7 Days a week Technical Support so that your machine never goes down

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